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Excited to see how Jack’s picture comes out.(cattle dog from Starbucks)
-- Shane Dorn , 1/27/18

Fun checking in on your website again. Love your new Frog. Come by sometime.
-- Marilyn Grame, 3/16/17

I visited your gallery in SVAC in June and admire your work greatly. I am a member of the Nevada Watercolor Society and I enjoy seeing the work of other artists so much. Thank you
-- Grace Kent, 7/17/14

Hi Susan, Hope this message finds you well. I look forward to seeing your work in the future.
-- Mike Stahl, 12/3/13

I love it! I checked on first, and under San Diego artists, your name and website does not come up. This must be corrected so you are showcased, most definitely!
-- Suzanne Haynes-pitts, 7/17/13

i hope i have found you. i knew you from hoover high. we used to watercolor paint together. i would love to reconnect with you i live in hillcrest, and i am still painting.
-- Barbra Rogalski Rhoda, 6/5/13

I like your website. Very professional! Hi mom I will share with everyone here. We love you!
-- Cheri Buetow, 3/26/13

I loved your cocker spaniel portrait. I hope to send you a picture of my beloved black and white cocker "Opus" as soon as I finish paying for our wonderful San Diego vacation!!! You so captured the love in your dog's eyes and I look forward to you doing the same with Oous
-- Carol Walker, 1/11/13

Susan- your paintings are amazing! We are here with Robert and Mimi celebrating Christmas. Robert shared your website with us. Love that our daughter Emma is "famous". Merry Christmas to you and your family! Karen
-- Karen Phipps, 12/24/11

I met you at Studio 40 several months ago and admire your work. Just wonderful.
-- Linda Narup, 1/22/11

Full Contact ArtLoved your work. Colored pencil and watercolor are a passion of mine, and seeing other artists renditions inspires me. Keep up the good work!
-- Full Contact Art, 1/18/11

Peter NinichHey Aunt Susan ! I saw your website! I thought it was really cool! You a really amazing artist!
-- Peter Ninich, 10/8/10

Hello Susan, Your work is amazing! Hope you are well and enjoying life. Love. Irene
-- Irene Tasca, 7/12/10

Thank you for sharing your talents! The website looks great. Keep up the wonderful drawings.
-- Carol Mcclure, 7/17/09

Awesome work Susan! The reality in your pencil work is amazing! Great to see it and hope to see you soon!
-- Marsha Cook, 7/13/09

So proud of your colored pencil work, it is creative and amazing. So happy you are my Studio partner and loyal friend. Great job on your website!!!
-- Teresa Rodriguez- Ross, 6/12/09

It is my pleasure to be able to say I have one of her favorites displayed in my home. The passion and joy Susan has for her art work is unmistakable in every piece she completes. Looking forward to seeing what is next! Love it all!
-- Toni Ninich, 6/8/09

LOVE IT! GOOD WORK! You should be very proud of all your work.
-- Prudy Blair, 6/2/09

Susan's work is amazing and a must see! She can capture life, love, and hope in her artwork. Her work will live on to influence the next generations of artists!!!!
-- Lisa Ann Bella, 6/1/09

Hi Susan Looking great! You do really wonderful work!
-- Marilyn Grame, 5/22/09

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